Bill Simmons to ESPN: Fix the Damn Trade Machine


ESPN’s most enjoyable toy is arguably the NBA Trade Machine. When one is looking to take potentially productive time and make it not so, no online tool compares. Its popularity was also a precursor and market indicator of our current climate which seems more interested in what teams could do in the future than what we’re doing presently.

All of this to say: the people, well, they want their machine running smoothly.

Former ESPN employee and current emperor of The Ringer’s vast pop culture empire Bill Simmons is just like all of us and gets frustrated when perceived problems arise.

My thoughts on this: I don’t have any. Never actually used the thing and have a tenuous understanding of the NBA salary cap at best.

One could wonder, though, why a similar interface couldn’t be created for a website that was particularly interested in the sport. Free idea, probably some issues there, but take it for what it’s worth.