Bill Simmons Recognizes Ringer Union

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While Bill Simmons has still yet to say anything publicly about the announcement from earlier this week that editorial staffers for The Ringer were unionizing, the union has announced in a tweet threadthat management has recognized it and negotiations are forthcoming:

We’re excited to announce that, three days after our public announcement, management has chosen to voluntarily recognize our union. We decided to organize because we want a more equitable, accountable, and transparent workplace, and we’re glad the company recognizes our goals. We love working at The Ringer. Across the realms of sports, pop culture, and technology, our reporting and analysis has always championed the rights of talented athletes and creators. A union allows us to embody those values in-house.

We want to thank @WGAEast for their support, and the talented weirdo members of our unit for all of their hard work leading up to our public announcement. Y’all are an absolute unit by all definitions of the term. We look forward to collaborating on a brighter future for The Ringer and its employees. The precarity of digital media has made it clear that publications like ours need unions. The company has taken the first step by recognizing ours. Next up, we’ll be forming a bargaining committee to negotiate over compensation, benefits, diversity, severance, transparency, and creator rights. Your continued public support has been a boon to our cause and will be deeply appreciated as we move forward!

The bargaining process will be interesting to observe from afar; The Ringer is reputed to already be among the top in the digital media industry from the perspective of combining compensation, creative fulfillment, and content visibility for employees.