'Spotify Executive' Bill Simmons Caught 'Sauntering' Through Parking Garage By Paparazzi


Bill Simmons' recent rant about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has had some unintended consequences for The Sports Guy. Mainly, people won't stop talking about it. In fact, it has gotten to the point where paparazzi is now seeking him out on his way to work.

The Daily Mail had staked out a parking garage on Tuesday and caught Simmons walking - or "sauntering" as the Mail put it - from his car to an elevator. (Other camera sounds could also be heard so there might have been someone else there taking pictures.) Simmons told the cameraman that he was on a call and couldn't talk and that he was in his work parking lot, but that did not deter him. After again pointing out he was on a work call, he was able to slip into the elevator and find salvation.

You don't have to be a body language doctor to tell Simmons is clearly uncomfortable with this much attention. Why though? Simmons has been taking shots at the former royal couple for months and he has a ton of listeners so this isn't something he's uncomfortable saying out loud.

Perhaps the issue is that when this story has been picked up across the pond and beyond, he has been identified as "Spotify Executive Bill Simmons." In America we either don't know or care that he's the Head of Podcast Innovation and Monetization or the Head of Global Sports Content at Spotify. Whatever he does in this world, he'll always be The Sports Guy to us. But to the uninitiated around the world, he's a Spotify Executive who just very publicly trashed two high-profile celebrities.

Spotify cannot be happy about that part. Perhaps that's what the work call was about.