Boston Sports Guy Bill Simmons Seems Resigned To Fact That Patriots Were Probably Cheating This Time

Bill Simmons
Bill Simmons / Mike Windle/Getty Images

Bill Simmons addressed the latest Patriots cheating scandal on his weekly Guess The Lines podcast with Cousin Sal on Monday. If you were expecting a defiant Simmons to dismiss the latest accusations as fake news, you'll be surprised. Simmons takes the public's side that the story sounds fishy and that the guy heard on camera sounds guilty.

First Patriots legend Tedy Bruschi and now legendary Patriots fan Bill Simmons. All we need now to complete the Mount Rushmore of The Patriots Totally Cheated, No One Denies This is Tom Brady's social media team to post a meme and Gronk to use an illegal camera crew in a storyline for Smackdown. Then Robert Kraft can come along with a giant tarp and cover it up.