Bill Simmons Joking About Jameis Winston Being an Alcoholic

Stephen Douglas
NBA All-Star Celebrity Game 2014 - Arrivals
NBA All-Star Celebrity Game 2014 - Arrivals / Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Skip Bayless accused Johnny Manziel of being an alcoholic and a liar last week. Smashcut to Bill Simmons’ picks column on Friday. Via Grantland:

I watched every minute of both games, came away loving the new playoff system even as I hemorrhaged money, and thought Jameis Winston lost that game because HE’S A LIAR AND AN ALCOHOLIC! (Just kidding. That was my audition for a First Take guest-host gig.)

This is not the first time Simmons has taken direct shots at Bayless and First Take. It definitely won’t be the last. If only he had added the “audition for a First Take gig” caveat to his remarks about Roger Goodell, maybe he never would have gotten that vacation in the Fall. We shall see.

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