Bill Simmons Doesn't Think This Plays Out Well for Dan Le Batard's Future at ESPN


Bill Simmons doesn’t have much confidence in Dan Le Batard's future at ESPN. On his podcast, Simmons discussed what Le Batard’s decision to get political on ESPN airwaves could mean going forward:

Simmons is no stranger to testing ESPN management. He did it in his final year at the company more than once. It’s easy to envision a scenario where neither Le Batard nor ESPN get over this. But Le Batard did just sign a new contract so the two sides may just have to deal with it for the time being. But this will be far from desirable going forward.

As Simmons said, Le Batard doesn’t come across as someone who is going to change his ways. And now, each time he comes even somewhat close to this line, it’s going to become a national story.

If Le Batard does leave ESPN, DAZN and SiriusXM are the most logical destinations.