Bill Simmons And Scott Van Pelt Are Beefing Over Gambling Expertise

By Henry McKenna

Bill Simmons, an expert in agitation, appears to have irked Scott Van Pelt. On Simmons’ podcast, he fired off a take that Van Pelt is an overrated expert in sports betting. Van Pelt, naturally, did not love the criticism, and jabbed back at Simmons on Sunday night.

At the time of the tweet, Van Pelt’s response seemed somewhat random. Simmons has long been at odds with ESPN, even when the sports personality worked for the mothership. Simmons’ insistent criticism can’t sit well with Van Pelt, who is one of the network’s biggest stars.

But Simmons made it personal by questioning Van Pelt.

“I think Van Pelt’s overrated as a gambling guy. That’s my hottest take in 2019 so far,” Simmons said on his podcast on Jan. 4 in a conversation with Ryen Russillo. “Overrated. I’ll go head-to-head with Van Pelt.”

And now, we’ve got a Twitter tiff.

[H/T Jacob Feldman]

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