Bill Self on Brannen Greene's Classless Dunk: "Probably the biggest dick move

Kyle Koster

Kansas’ 77-59 victory over Kansas State was punctuated by an uncontested Brannen Greene dunk at the buzzer. The soft throwdown was understandably objectionable to Wildcats players and fans but it seems the person who hated it the most was Bill Self.

The Jayhawks coach apologized to Kansas State for the stat-padding play and had harsh words for his own player.

"“It was totally classless,” Self said, not mentioning Greene by name. “I guarantee you it will never happen again.” Self held back even less in his radio interview just minutes after the game. “Brannen Greene, we’ve put up with him doing some stuff in the past, but that was probably the biggest dick move I’ve ever had a player do during a game,” Self said. “To dunk the ball like that when the other team — even their players are going, ‘How disrespectful to the game.’ “It certainly showed unbelievably poor sportsmanship.”"

Greene, a sharp-shooting guard, and Self have had a rocky relationship. An argument over playing time earned Greene a six-game suspension earlier this season.

There’s no defending an unnecessary dunk when most of the defenders have made their way over to the handshake line but the waning moments of lopsided basketball games have always seemed needlessly polite. All momentum is lost and suddenly things are governed by those pesky unwritten rules that so many bemoan.

College hoops walks an even trickier line with walk-ons desperate for points being goaded into hoisting up three-pointers by a joyful crowd. Meanwhile the coaches give death stares from the bench. Both create great drama and a reason to tune in until the end.