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Bill Raftery Made an Oscars Slap Joke During Duke - UNC Final Four Game

Stephen Douglas
North Carolina v Duke
North Carolina v Duke / Tom Pennington/GettyImages

North Carolina and Duke met in the Final Four in 2022. It was a historic matchup as the teams had never met in the NCAA Tournament despite decades of being two of the top programs in college basketball. If you ever want to accurately date their first meeting, look no further than this Oscars' slap reference from Bill Raftery after UNC's Armando Bacot took a shot to the face.

"A little shot. It's not even the Oscars."

It's unclear if Grant Hill or Jim Nantz laughed at Raff's joke, but it clearly landed. And it's the first time someone made an Oscars reference after a possible flop and it wasn't about the acting.