Bill Polian Thinks Lamar Jackson "may be a receiver" in the NFL

By Jason Lisk

Bill Polian appeared on ESPN LA this week with Keyshawn Johnson, Jorge Sedano, and LZ Granderson. The conversation turned to college quarterbacks and who among the college quarterbacks would be best in the pros. The names Sam DarnoldJosh RosenJosh Allen, and Lamar Jackson were brought up.

“I don’t think that Lamar, the Louisville kid’s in that discussion, in fact there’s a question that he may be, he might be a receiver.”

[loud yelling from the hosts, including “are you kidding me?”]

“No, I’m not kidding you. And that has to do with girth and skill set as well.”

Later on, after discussing the other quarterbacks, LZ Granderson brought up Drew Brees’ size (Brees is actually much shorter than Jackson, who is listed at 6’3″ and a slender–by QB standards–211 pounds). Polian responded, “Different guy, different guy.”

“You hurting me, Bill,” Keyshawn Johnson then added, “because I think he’s a NFL quarterback.”

“I’m not saying he isn’t, I just don’t think he’s in the class of the other three,” Polian said in response.