Bill O'Brien Flipped Out on Someone During NFL Draft Broadcast

Bill O'Brien gets upset during the 2020 NFL Draft
Bill O'Brien gets upset during the 2020 NFL Draft /

Bill O'Brien clearly wasn't happy with someone during the 2020 NFL Draft. After the Houston Texans submitted the 90th pick in the draft and before it was announced, O'Brien was on camera clearly reading someone the riot act before storming out of his in-home war room.

After the Texans picked Florida linebacker Jonathan Greenard, O'Brien absolutely lost it. Check this out:

Yeah that doesn't look good. Maybe he's yelling at the guy who traded DeAndre Hopkins to the Cardinals.

Seriously though, was O'Brien just completely unaware that cameras were on him? I mean, they were pointed at his face all night. Did he really just not know if he flipped out at someone with cameras rolling that he would come off as unhinged? Frankly, anything is possible. I mean, O'Brien is still employed after he should have been fired any number of times over the last 18 months.