Bill Murray Makes College GameDay Picks From Porch Swing With Questionable Internet Connection

Liam McKeone
Bill Murray on College GameDay
Bill Murray on College GameDay /

Bill Murray was this week's College GameDay guest picker. He called in from his home while on his porch swing, clearly having the best time out of everyone on set as he relaxes with a bucket hat donned.

The outfit was complete and fresh, but Murray's internet connection... left something to be desired.

The man can obviously afford some high-quality internet, so it's a matter of desire and not ability. But it also feels very Bill Murray to half-ass a College GameDay Zoom call while he's chilling on his porch, just enjoying his Saturday afternoon. Maybe there's something to be taken away from that.

Or maybe not. Good to see Murray on GameDay, though. That man's brightening presence is much needed nowadays.