Bill Cowher Shuts Down Coaching Rumors

Brian Giuffra
Bill Cowher.
Bill Cowher. / Rob Carr/Getty Images

Bill Cowher has been out of coaching and in media for 14 years, but his name still occasionally floats around the ol' coaching rumor mill from time to time. The latest iteration came when Boomer Esiason dropped his name as a possible candidate for the expected New York Jets opening.

It made sense considering Cowher offers everything the Jets need in a new head coach, most importantly pedigree. Unfortunately for any Jets fans who wanted the rumor to hold substance, Cowher put a kibosh on that idea today.

"I have no interest in coaching," Cowher told ESPN. "I have too much respect for the coaching profession to talk about a job that isn't open. From that perspective, any job that is open, I have no interest in coaching."

Cowher has worked as a studio analyst on The NFL Today on CBS since 2007. He coached the Steelers from 1992-2006, winning a Super Bowl in 2005. Teams have tried to lure him out of retirement in the past but he seems genuinely content with life as an analyst. It takes up far less of his time, is less stressful, and still keeps him relevant in a sport he loves.

Now 63, the idea of Cowher coming out of retirement and potentially smudging his sterling reputation as a coach doesn't make sense from his perspective. The game has changed dramatically since he last coached and, while he's smart enough to make the adjustments, does he want to put in the hours required to succeed in his return? He emphatically said no this year and I don't see that changing in the future.