VIDEO: Bill Cowher Surprised On Air With News He Made Football Hall of Fame

Bill Cowher
Bill Cowher wondering if anyone else is going to surprise him tonight. | Rob Carr/Getty Images

Bill Cowher doesn't strike people as the type of guy who enjoys surprises so it's interesting that CBS and the Pro Football Hall of Fame worked together to create live television magic during the pregame show tonight. This could have gone any number of ways, though I suppose earning the highest honor of one's professional career is a bit better than being feted with some birthday cake and yet another tie clip on your birthday.

Cowher was understandably moved, but it looks like he escaped tears. Which is a shame because getting this news is one of the few times it's okay for a Football Guy to cry.

He was also able to keep composed and offer some thoughts in the moment. No small feat in the haze of it all.

Cowher went 250-149 in 15 years with the Pittsburgh Steelers. His teams went made two Super Bowls and he won it all in 2005.