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Bill Belichick Talking About the Weather is the Highlight of NFL Training Camps

Stephen Douglas
Bill Belichick on a nicer day.
Bill Belichick on a nicer day. / Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

Today is the second day the New Egnland Patriots will be able to practice in full pads. Everyone is very excited, including coach Bill Belichick, who is not about to let some foul weather ruin his sunny demeanor. Asked about the wet conditions at Foxboro today, he dropped quite a few Belichick-isms about rain.

Have you ever seen such beautiful prose? Many songs have been written about rain, but none have had such beautiful lyrics. And they are clearly country music lyrics. You can't be that literal in rock music. This is just Belichick plucking an accoustic guitar on his porch, thinking about all the lessons his father taught him about how you can beat a man, but you can't beat the weather.