Bill Belichick Refuses to Confirm Cam Newton is the Starting Quarterback

Bill Belichick and a friend who he will not name.
Bill Belichick and a friend who he will not name. / Pool/Getty Images

Bill Belichick was asked about New England Patriots starting quarterback Cam Newton on Friday morning. In the most Bill Belichick move possible, he declined the opportunity to confirm that Cam Newton was the starting quarterback. Or that anyone was starting at any position.

Look, there is no record of Belichick ever admitting that Tom Brady started Super Bowl XXXVI. If you think some dude is just going to roll into his first training camp with the team, win over all his teammates, work harder than anyone else, be the best player and be named starter, then you're crazy.

If the Patriots start the season 4-0 and Cam is named AFC Player of the Month and takes every snap, Belichick might be willing to say on the record that he is on the team. Will he be named starter for week five? Heck no. If Belichick wants to ensure Newton remains motivated, the threat of Brian Lewerke must remain real.