Nobody Wanted to Risk Bill Belichick's Wrath During Postgame Press Conference

Liam McKeone
New England v Houston
New England v Houston / Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The New England Patriots did not look good for the vast majority of their 28-22 loss to the Houston Texans on Sunday night. It was the type of game that usually results in a very unhappy Bill Belichick at the podium for questions after the game.

This occasion did not disappoint. Belichick didn't give anyone a death glare or defiantly repeat a mantra as he did in Kansas City way back in 2014. Instead, the press conference lasted merely two minutes and 24 seconds. Only a handful of questions were asked, and short answers were given, such as the following:

It all culminated with nearly 30 seconds of uninterrupted, uncomfortable silence while Belichick waited for someone to ask him another question-- but nobody wanted to step to the plate.

The hand raise at the end really brings this clip to a nice conclusion. This will go down as an classic Belichick press conference.