Bill Belichick Press Conference Answers in Midseason Form

Stephen Douglas
Bill Belichick thinking about stuff.
Bill Belichick thinking about stuff. / Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

Bill Belichick was forced to coach a football game that had no meaning on Thursday. Ultimately, the New England Patriots won that game, but if anyone got any joy from that result, it wasn't Bill Belichick who then brought all that preseason enthusiasm with him to the post-game press conference. Asked why he didn't challenge a play, Belichick simply said, "I don't know." Pressed by awkward silence and a room full of media members eagerly awaiting more details he added, "I didn't feel like challenging it."

Sometimes, it feels like Belichick is incapable of feeling any joy. Of course, this was a pointless question about a very meaningless event that took place inside a larger meaningless event so maybe the fact that Belichick picked his head up off the desk at all for this moment shows a real will to live.

Either way, Bill Belichick's press conferences are rounding into mid-season form very nicely and it's just the first week of the preseason. By the time the Pats have lost their second consecutive game, he should be down to nothing but grunts and the occasional blink when people are asking him about when Mac Jones will get a chance to play.