Bill Belichick Does Not Have Anything to Add to Bengals Film Controversy

Liam McKeone
Bill Belichick
Bill Belichick /

Bill Belichick took the podium on Wednesday morning for his weekly press conference dedicated to discussing the team's upcoming opponent. After spending the first four minutes explaining to all the reporters why the 1-12 Bengals are not, in fact, an objectively bad football team, the inevitable questions about the newest controversy surrounding the team arrived.

When posed a question on the latest developments from the situation involving a Patriots employee filming the Bengals' sideline last weekend, Belichick (again) adamantly denied that anybody under his watch had anything to do with it. Then simply leaned into old habits and repeated one phrase to get everyone to stop asking questions. This time, it was, "Do not have anything to add."

A time-honored tradition like no other-- angry Belichick brushing off questions from reporters who know they won't get an answer, but have to ask the questions anyway.