Bill Belichick Loves to Say 'No One Works Harder' Than (Insert Player Name Here)

Ryan Phillips
Bill Belichick, New England Patriots Training Camp
Bill Belichick, New England Patriots Training Camp / Pool/Getty Images

Bill Belichick threw an enormous compliment in Cam Newton's direction when he said, "No one works harder than Cam does." Now that's a damn statement and says a lot about Newton and who he is as a player. There's just one problem: Belichick has said that about a lot of his players.

Yeah, so apparently the New England Patriots head coach says this pretty frequently. In 2018, Zack Cox from NESN pointed this out:

And we now have evidence he's said it about Tom Brady, Deatrich Wise, Derek Rivers and Matthew Slater:

That's a lot of guys who work harder than everyone else.

Either Belichick just has a limited number of phrases he uses and doesn't care to keep track of the statements he's throwing around, or he's just doing this to mess with the media. Honestly, it's even odds for which explanation is correct.