Bill Belichick Was Once a Resident of Loserville

Kyle Koster
Bill Belichick and Drew Bledsoe
Bill Belichick and Drew Bledsoe / DAVID MAXWELL/Getty Images

Boston was once a cursed city. That one kid from the championship parades never had to live through this hell. The widespread losing ensnared the New England Patriots, who didn't stand out as a standout franchise -- even in Bill Belichick's first season there. Ergo, a newspaper cover like this was perfectly reasonable 19 years ago today.

From all-seeing Darren Rovell:

Wow. There are freezing cold takes and there are ones so cold that they will burn your hand like a beaker of liquid nitrogen. The thought bubble from the hooded one wishing he'd stayed with the New York Jets is a nice cherry on the top, too.

Credit where credit is due: neither Rick Pitino, Jimy Williams or Mike Keenan found any meaningful long-term success in the city. Seventy-five percent is good free-throw shootin' and prognosticating if you ask me.