It Sure is Weird That Bill Belichick is Hyping Up Mac Jones

Liam McKeone
Bill Belichick and Mac Jones
Bill Belichick and Mac Jones / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Yesterday, an NFL head coach spent a few minutes speaking to reporters in glowing terms about the progress his team's young quarterback has made this past offseason. In itself, this is not a novel occurrence at the start of training camp. But that coach was Bill Belichick and that team was the New England Patriots, which makes it very unusual indeed.

That's right. The monotonous longtime coach said nice things about Mac Jones to the media and even strayed from the usual Patriot Way mumbojumbo.

Talk about out of character. Which makes sense, to an extent. Belichick never really had the opportunity to talk about how great Tom Brady was before training camp because everybody already knew after he won a Super Bowl in his first full season as starter. And he obviously was never going to tell reporters he's very pleased with the progress Tom Brady's backup has made.

The crazy part is that Belichick wasn't even asked about Jones' progress. The question was about the level of input the QB would have in the new offense post-Josh McDaniels. Belichick volunteered information to reporters!

What a world. Belichick obviously has incentive to hype Jones up but it's bizarre to hear him actually do it. Expectations have never been higher for the young QB.