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Bill Belichick Doesn't Give a Damn About Your Stupid Football

Kyle Koster

Bill Belichick continued his tradition of destroying the Cleveland Browns by bringing his New England Patriots into town and high-stepping to a 38-15 victory. It tied him with George Halas for second all-time in wins as a head coach with 324. There was much to celebrate as Bailey Zappe looks entirely competent and playoff prospects seem less far-fetched than they were a few weeks ago. But if you think that the curmudgeonly hoodie enthusiast was going to allow himself to savor any moment, then you haven't been paying attention.

Which makes rookie defensive back Brenden Schooler's decision to give Belichick the football after recovering his first fumble in the NFL completely perplexing. It all went down exactly as one would expect as Belichick was visibly annoyed at the gift.

This was the exact exchange that happened in The Office when Michael Scott brought homemade potato salad to his boss' big, catered party. Thanks but, uh, no thanks.

Should be a long, sleepless night for Schooler. What do you get the guy who has everything? Certainly not a souvenir that has zero meaning to someone whose den is already packed to the gills with championship baubles.