Bill Belichick Shows Off Acting Chops in New Subway Commercial

Bill Belichick, ACTING
Bill Belichick, ACTING /

Bill Belichick is as stoic as they come. Few other words can summarize the longtime New England Patriots head coach's personality as neatly. Win by a big margin, lose catastrophically, or anything in between, Belichick remains the same.

Which makes his decision to participate in a Subway commercial all the more fascinating. He demonstrated some decent on-camera chops and even agreed to poke fun at his preferred style of dress while channeling the intense disappointment only Patriots employees have been subject to over the last two decades.

I, too, would be unable to do anything other than thank Bill Belichick if he cut the arms off my suit.

It remains unclear what Belichick's preferred sandwich choice is from Subway, but this proved he can be on camera in some capacity. No one will be tabbing him for a leading role anytime soon, but he came off pretty natural. A cameo or three could be in his future if he wants to do anything other than hang out on his boat after retirement.