They Didn't Bother Painting the End Zones for the Big Ten Championship Game

Kyle Koster

The Ohio State Buckeyes get the opportunity to play another game in a few hours, which they desperately need in order to boost their body of work. If they can dismantle Northwestern as expected, they'll have a great shot at securing an invite to the College Football Playoff and — almost as an afterthought — win the Big Ten.

It won't be a total walk in the park, though, because Pat Fitzgerald always has his Wildcats up for a challenge. And, perhaps most importantly, the end zones at Lucas Oil Stadium will make the atmosphere feel like a state championship high school game.

As you can see, there was no effort to customize either pay dirty with anything Ohio State or Northwestern-themed.

The horror.

The Colts, of course, have home date tomorrow at 1 p.m. That's a quick turnaround. But it didn't stop the SEC from throwing some Alabama and Florida flair on the turf before tomorrow's Falcons game. A rare point made by a person who calls himself "Poop Johnson."

To make my stance perfectly clear: why don't you all go and cry about it?

I'll concede that the whole things looks bad. Bush League. No matter what the rationale is for the decision. Perhaps it's fitting that a Big Ten season slapped together at the last second looks like a work in progress.