Big Ten Coaches Play Paper Football, Become College Kickers

Kyle Koster

The Big Ten Network pursued content at Big Ten football media days and, oh boy, did they ever bag a big one. Asking coaches to turn back the clock with some paper football and flick one through the uprights was a solid idea, even if the miniature goalpost and uprights were set up about two feet too high.

This technically qualifies as the season’s first foray into #collegekickers. Not exactly a bunch of Nate Kaedings or Brett Conways out there. And remember, these are likely the best efforts. Surely there’s plenty of footage of these coaches shanking them off into oblivion or some poor cameraman’s eye.

Consider the restraint it took Kirk Ferentz not to pooch punt and Mark Dantonio not to run a fake here. Also credit Jim Harbaugh for not taking it to his usual ultra-competitive ends. Just good, clean, triangular fun.