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Big Glove Guy No Match For Foul Ball Guy

Kyle Koster
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Kansas City Royals infielder Adalberto Mondesei has been forced to sit through two prolonged stints on the injured list and found himself in the lineup tonight for only the 11th game this season. He responded to the opportunity by singling, stealing a base and scoring in the second inning. Then in the fourth inning, he blasted a solo homer deep into the left-field bleachers.

A fan with an abnormally large baseball mitt was in close proximity to the ball's path. And normally someone toting a comically oversized glove is going to win that battle for a souvenir. But when the other fan with a shot is noted ballhawk Zack Hample, well, it's probably best to abandon all hope.

Hample's claim to fame is collecting over 11,000 balls from 61 different stadiums, meaning he is both very serious and very skilled at coming away with what he wants. As he did here in Kansas City by realizing all majestic drive like Mondesi's is bound to have tremendous backspin and carry.

The other dude had a big glove. Hample had institutional knowledge of 400-foot blasts.

Just think how many balls Foul Ball Guy could add to his collection if he also carried a mitt the size of a large pizza with him into the ballpark. The mind reels to think where he'd even keep all of them. Probably need multiple storage units.