Between Ryan Braun's Urine and the PED-Infested Miami Baseball Program, Does Anyone Think the Brewers' Outfielder is Clean?

By Jason McIntyre

Ryan Braun, Dec. 2011: Someone leaked his failed October urine test to ESPN. The tests (ESPN reported he failed two) showed he had excessive testosterone in his system. Busted. Looking at a 50-game suspension. But Braun got lucky – the guy who collected his urine thought Fed Ex was closed on Saturday, so the urine sat in his fridge all weekend, and Braun escaped on a technicality. Did Braun cheat to recover from an injury? We’ll never know.

Ryan Braun, February 2013: Yahoo reveals that Ryan Braun’s name is in Anthony Bosch’s black book. Braun says he simply paid Bosch as a “consultant” during his appeal for the positive test. Right. A week prior, the Miami New Times dropped an explosive report linking A-Rod, Gio Gonzalez, Nelson Cruz and others to steroids/PEDs, and Bosch was their supplier. Of all the consultants in the country, Braun just happens to reach out to the guy who was allegedly injecting A-Rod?

Today: The New York Times writes about the Miami baseball program and how the school’s strength and conditioning coach is all over Bosch’s black book. Ryan Braun played for Miami from 2003-2005. From the Times: “Two of Braun’s Miami teammates, including one who was his roommate, were tied to the clinic in a report by Yahoo Sports on Tuesday.”

Milwaukee’s Spring Training begins February 23rd in Phoenix. That should be fun.

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