Bettors Take Bad Beat as Browns Take a Safety on Final Play on Monday Night Football

Stephen Douglas
Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns / Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Baltimore Ravens beat the Cleveland Browns, 47-42 on Monday Night Football in what might have been the best NFL game of the season. Not that anyone was talking about the awesome football after the game. Instead it was just poop jokes and complaining or celebrating the Ravens improbable last second cover.

First, Lamar Jackson left the game with "cramps" before returning to the game in the fourth quarter to lead two scoring drives in the final minutes. Most people thought he was in the bathroom.

Then there's the gambling aspect. The Ravens were -3 favorites and took a three point lead on a field goal by Justin Tucker with two seconds left in the game. When the kickoff went through the end zone, the Browns had an opportunity to run a 75-yard play with a ton of laterals in a last ditch attempt to win the game. The Browns ended up taking a safety which pushed the final score to a five point difference. Which is more than three point difference.

The bad beat was then immediately lamented by Scott Van Pelt on SportsCenter.

That's why they call it gambling, folks.