Bettor Wins $150,000 on Justify After Overhearing His Friend, Then Gives Him None of It

Bobby Burack

Professional bettor Bill Krackombergery of Gaming Today explained how when with a group of friends one of them received a tip about Justify four days before he had broken his maiden. He was also told on the call that as long “as everything goes correctly” he expected Justify to win the race.

One of the people in the room overheard what was said on the call after it was repeated. He went out and got futures ticket on Justify to win the Derby at 300/1 ($500 to win $150,000).

Of course, Justify did win The 2018 Kentucky Derby. It was said the individual that heard about the expectations was a friend of the man who received the call. However, he did not give his friend any of the winnings afterward.

The man who received the call was not happy about this and told his “friend”, “Hey, I told you about that horse, I deserve a piece of that ticket.” The bettor refused as he claims he got a separate call about the horse just days later.

Whether or not he did receive the same call about Justify or not, he did hear it first from his friend. While there are no details on their friendship, the man that became $149,500 richer probably isn’t going to be making too many new friends in the near term.