Five Best March Madness Commercials of the 2023 NCAA Basketball Tournament

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Capital One - Halftime at Home

Here's the thing about the Capital One ads with Charles Barkley, Samuel L. Jackson and Spike Lee... they need to stop. At some point American basketball fans will need to rise up as one and say enough. We've been stuck with this trio dominating the March Madness commercial breaks for far too long. We need a break. And there can't possibly be much more material to mine from this group.

And yet you throw in a Jock Jam-style song and have Charles Barkley dance and I'm back in. Charles Barkley dancing is funny. Or entertaining at the very least. Barkley is like a human mascot in that way. You make him do normal things and it's kind of amusing every damn time. Turner knows this. So does Capital One, which is why these ads will run until well after we're all dead.