Five Best March Madness Commercials of the 2023 NCAA Basketball Tournament

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The Super Bowl is the Super Bowl of advertising. Every year brands and advertising companies spend the bulk of their brainpower trying to come up with a Super Bowl spot that will end up on a list of the best ads. And then there is nothing left for March Madness, despite the fact that you have a captive audience for 12 hours a day for four consecutive days and then a lot of other basketball to take advantage of.

So when you get something truly unique like Steven Adams being used as a couch, you notice. With that in mind, here are five other ad campaigns from March Madness 2023 that you might not be totally sick of just yet. A true accomplishment in the world of advertising.

All-State - Mayhem Competitive Pick Up

It is so annoying that an insurance company was able to so perfectly harness Dean Winters in the way that 30 Rock did back when Liz Lemon was still looking for love. It's frustrating what an entertaining ad campaign Mayhem makes, but these are the cards we were dealt.

For March Madness Allstate brought in Winters' real life brother Scott Winters to play a game of one-on-one. Scott Winters played Clark, the ponytail guy at the bar in Good Will Hunting. And now here he is dealing with his overly competitive brother and dunking so hard he breaks the hoop off the garage. What a career.