Best LIV Golfers, Ranked

The Big Lead
Charles Laberge/LIV Golf/GettyImages
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LIV Golf is certainly not without controversy and that has served as, at the very least, a noticeable backdrop to the upstart league's first foray into the public sphere. But things are looking up for the second go-around as the 54-hole enthusiasts has secured a broadcast partner in the CW and is putting on a full-court press to get everyone in the world in possession with a favorite LIV team for the second season.

New things are very exciting because they are constantly taking shape. Right now, it's a bit easier to see the board in regards to what this thing will be and what it won't be. And one thing that's pretty clear, no matter where anyone stands on the matter, there is a deep roster of talent for LIV to leverage. And because no one has done this before, we thought we would rank the best 20 players currently teeing it up.