Best Bets for Saturday’s NBA Games: Should You Bet on the Lakers Tonight?

By Vik Chokshi

The lines we use are from Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook. Make sure you shop around for the best price.

The NBA season is back so let’s wager on these games! There are nine games on the slate tonight, with the Los Angeles Lakers at San Antonio Spurs being tonight’s marquee game. Let’s go!

Vik (6-4): Using my “Club theory” tonight, basically fading teams that go-to Miami on the weekends! PDX had the night off yesterday, so you know a few of them hit Liv! The public is also on Portland at a 64% clip. The Heat matchup well with the Blazers, so they should take care of business. The Pick: Miami -1.5

Jason (10-10-1): You run hot, you run cold, that’s gambling. A 7-1 streak the last three days has me at .500. Continue to press my luck with multiple picks, or play it safe with just one I feel great about? Scared money don’t make money.

I’ll go with the 76ers -5.5 at home over the Hornets, who played Friday, hopped on a plane to Philly, and then have a few days off. Surely they have Halloween party plans in mind. Portland played in Orlando Thursday, and one wonders how their Saturday night was. Everyone knows the South Beach curse. I’ll take a chance on the Heat -1. Finally, some risk: The Lakers welcome Rajon Rondo back, and they get revenge on the Spurs in San Antonio. Don’t look now, but the Spurs have been very poor defensively, getting shredded by the Timberwolves (108), Blazers (121), Lakers (142 in OT) and Pacers (116). This just isn’t a very good team. The picks: 76ers -5.5, Heat -1, Lakers -1.