Bernie Sanders Predicted How Presidential Election Would Go Down to Jimmy Fallon Last Week

Kyle Koster

Though the polls were tremendously unreliable to the point there needs to be an honest reckoning over the value of predictive data going forward, some dust-settling on the day after Election Day reveals that, as predicted, Joe Biden has more pathways to victory than Donald Trump. That's where we are — in maybe the top of the third inning of this whole process — but it's becoming clearer that the ultimate Electoral College result might not be as shocking as it looked some 12 hours ago.

Again, it should be stressed that things played out essentially along the reasonable framework smart pundits sketched out in the weeks leading up to Nov. 3 as it became increasingly clear that unprecedented turnout and advanced voting would be a major storyline.

Few laid out the scenario as succinctly as Sen. Bernie Sanders when he appeared on Jimmy Fallon last week. Here are his prescient comments.

With the obvious caveat that we're living through extremely unpredictable times, one wonders how much positive mental health could have been preserved by watching only these 140 seconds of political coverage.

Oh, well. Next time.