Bernie Sanders Boxing Scouting Report: Gotta Keep Those Hands Up

Kyle Koster

Bernie Sanders is in very good shape for a man who will turn 78 in a few days. People from all points of the political spectrum can agree on that. He’s repeatedly put his basketball skills on display and not long ago showed he has some promise as a baseball prospect. There are some limitations to his sporting prowess, though. Like boxing.

Here’s the presidential hopeful working a speed bag and, in turn, getting a bit worked himself.

There’s no real point in going through a full scouting report here as we’d typically do. Sanders has no business in an actual ring. Someone would be liable to get hurt. And that’s okay. Not everyone can be Jim Thorpe or Odell Beckham or any number of athletes naturally gifted in every discipline.

There is some hope here. For reasons beyond comprehension, Sanders decided to punch on a level plane with his right hand when we all know he’s most comfortable attacking upward and from the left. Bizarre strategy.

There is still over a year until the election. Think of all the leisure and recreational activities our politicians will do on camera. The possibilities are endless. The next Joe Walsh archery clip or Cory Booker playing hopscotch could be right around the corner.

Just a little silver lining on the dark cloud of our political system.