Bernie Sanders and Larry David Spotted at Same Time and Place

Kyle Koster
Bernie Sanders and Larry David
Bernie Sanders and Larry David /

Larry David has been playing Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live, a role that requires him to fly coast-to-coast. The comedian, who likes to complain about things, complained a bit about it to Stephen Colbert, saying a Sanders win would be great for the country but terrible for him. The rare inverse Rovell!

Both men were on this morning's Today Show and made an Al Roker sandwich.

The resemblance and general vibe is uncanny. David is basically playing a version of himself.

This, of course, is not revelatory. It's how he got the gig. But I do have a question.

Is David's Sanders a closer representation than Tina Fey's Sarah Palin? A more congruent matchup of actor and politician hardly seemed possible way back in 2008. We were all so much younger and innocent.

My answer is yes, but it's close. Of course, both will be eclipsed if there's ever a presidential candidate who looks the exact same as an existing castmember because both Fey and David were brought in from outside the roster.