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The Person Who Carded Zac Taylor At the Bar Deserves a Raise

Kyle Koster
Andy Lyons/GettyImages

Cincinnati Bengals head coach Zac Taylor delivered a game ball to jubilant fans at Mt. Lookout Tavern after the franchise's first playoff win in over three decades. It ruled and was part of a full-on blitz to curry favor with a long-suffering fanbase. Imagine being someone who was invited to go out to one of the three bars visited and declining because you didn't think it'd be worth it. Very bad beat there.

Bengals tight end C.J. Uzomah, also tasked with handing out a celebratory ball, joined Good Morning Football this morning and broke the news that Taylor was actually carded when he showed up to the bar.

Taylor is a young 38. And while some may have a problem with this or laugh because someone working the door in Cincinnati should know the local ball coach, I couldn't have more respect for the employee. Rules are rules and one never knows when the fuzz is going to run a sting operation sending celebrity look-a-likes around in an attempt to catch some malfeasance. It's an idea that Jon Taffer would love if he hasn't used it already.

There is a process and that process must be followed. It's the type of accountability and dedication a football coach should appreciate.

This person deserves a raise, not scorn.