Sam Hubbard's Fumble Return Was Not a 'Fat Guy Touchdown'

Kyle Koster
Rob Carr/GettyImages

Tyler Huntley opted to leave his feet and that decision likely determined last night's thrilling Baltimore Ravens-Cincinnati Bengals playoff game. A loosely protected football was predictably knocked free and landed in Sam Hubbard's breadbasket. The defensive end made the most of his rare opportunity to tote the rock, racing 98 yards in the opposite direction for a deciding score. Some people online had the audacity to call this a "fat guy touchdown" or a "thicc six."

Which is ridiculous.

Scott Van Pelt had a great detour on this topic while showing the highlights on SportsCenter, essentially saying that those overusing the term need to take a hard look in the mirror with their shirt off. I can't find the clip anywhere but I hope at this point some trust has been earned and you can know it actually happened. Van Pelt was spot-on because who among us is 6-foot-5, 265 pounds and can run as fast as Hubbard? Who among us would even be comfortable with a bare-chested image of ourselves appeared online?

Look, this world is a cold and bleak place. When a large man with some junk in the trunk finds the end zone, it reminds us that anything is possible. But we certainly don't have to force it. Some things should be sacred and expanding the Fat Guy Touchdown tent to include someone who looks like an action star opposite The Rock only cheapens the experience. Have a little restraint!