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Ben Wallace's Wait is Finally Over

Liam McKeone
Ben Wallace and others
Ben Wallace and others / Tom Pidgeon/Getty Images

Saturday brought great tidings for those appreciative of defensive excellence in the NBA as Ben Wallace is reportedly heading to the basketball Hall of Fame. Finally.

This has been a long time coming. One of the first articles I ever wrote for this very website came two years ago after Wallace missed out on a nomination yet again. He's been eligible since 2017 and, in my opinion, should have been first-ballot but better late than never.

Wallace's statistical profile does not tell the whole story. He won Defensive Player of the Year four times, a record shared with Dikembe Mutombo. He was the most dominant defensive player in the league for that stretch. He was perhaps the biggest reason the Detroit Pistons were able to win the 2004 NBA title without a "superstar" and is one of the very few players to ever make Shaq look mortal.

His wait is finally over. We're all better off for it. Ben Wallace is a damn Hall of Famer, and all is right in the world.