Ben Simmons: Sixers Fans Chanting 'Eff Me' Actually An Improvement

Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

Ben Simmons was back in Philadelphia last night and locals already delirious from having a competitive football team were more than ready to make him feel unwelcome. Neither the Brooklyn Nets or 76ers seemed intent on turning down the temperature on this boiling rivalry, which made the 137-133 Philly win an even more compelling drama. Joel Embiid seemed to delight in the chance to play against his former teammate, at one point dunking in his general direction and engaging in some classic bumping uglies.

The crowd responded the way any crowd responds to any stimulus: by getting a "eff you" chant toward Simmons. To his credit, the former Sixer seemed more willing to take those shots than ones within the restricted area.

Despite long odds, Simmons actually said the heckling wasn't nearly as bad as his first return to the city of Brotherly Love. This will undoubtably be bulletin-board material for fans looking to make sure he has an even worse time the next go-around.