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Ben Simmons and Dwight Howard Stretching the Floor For the 76ers This Season

Stephen Douglas
Ben Simmons and some fans.
Ben Simmons and some fans. / Alex Menendez/Getty Images

The Philadelphia 76ers beat the Orlando Magic, 116-92, on New Year's Eve. Ben Simmons, possibly getting an early start on a New Year's resolution took a three point attempt during the first quarter when the game was tied. That's right, he took a three during the normal flow of the game and he made it. Just when you thought 2020 had no surprises left.

This is certainly a good sign for Philly. It only took five games to attempt a three this season. Last season he waited 12 games. They year before, it took 49 games. He's now hit three three pointers over the last 14 months. So, that's progress, right?

Simmons is now a 12% three point shooter over his career. That's just a few percentage points behind teammate Dwight Howard, who also made his first three of the season last night. Howard is 14 for 69 in his career from deep. He and Simmons both average 0.1 attempts per game in their careers.

OK, so maybe Simmons' latest three pointer isn't that impressive. Or - hear me out here - maybe the Sixers have unlocked two new deep threats this season. It won't be long until there's a highlight video made titled, "Ben Simmons and Dwight Howard are a PROBLEM."