Ben Simmons Continues to Dominate The Most Meaningless Possible Basketball Games

Stephen Douglas

Ben Simmons hasn’t played a real basketball game… well, maybe ever. He played high school basketball in Florida and then college basketball in the SEC before being drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers where he looked pretty good in 2016 Summer League. He continued that trend of dominating non-competition by showing up at a pick-up game in Melbourne on Monday night. Simmons then dunked on a bunch of short Australian people who, to their credit, were wearing matching jerseys.

Simmons reportedly finished with 34 points on 16 made field goals and scored 17 in the 4th. The most amazing part of the story is that nobody even recognized him. Via the Herald Sun:

“One of his close mates bought him down for a game to just fill in, no one in the stadium knew it was him until about five minutes into the game and then about 60 people rocked up to watch him play. It was crazy,” witness Mitchell Hamilton told the Herald Sun.

How does no one recognize Ben Simmons? He’s 6’10” and from Melbourne. And he was at a basketball game, not anywhere with people less likely to recognize Ben Simmons.