Ben Roethlisberger Provides Wordless, Trenchant Commentary on State of World

Kyle Koster
Joe Sargent/Getty Images

If still waters run deep, then Ben Roethlisberger is a never-ending well. One really has to stand at rapt attention to appreciate the subtly poignant commentary he provides on everyday life and the human condition. But savvy scholars understand that when he escapes the pocket, he's not simply scanning for open receivers downfield. He's also making a point about mankind's reticence to flee their areas of comfort. When he calls an audible, sure, it may help the Pittsburgh Steelers run a successful play, yet that's not the whole picture. Roethlisberger is pulling back the curtain of fear for so many and positing that real magic only happens when one is on the move out of necessity.

The quarterback's latest metaphysical piece debuted before he took the field for the first time against Baltimore.

Don't be fooled. There's more than meets the eye here. Big Ben is getting one last blast of heat in his helmet before taking the field. He's also sending up a red flag, a desperate plea regarding the country's COVID-19 situation. A thing we all know is dangerous and hot to the touch is shouting in big, bold letters to stay six feet away. And yet ... that warning is being avoided in the interest of immediate gratification.

The man is a true artist. Saying what 1,000 words would in a wordless freeze frame.