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Ben Roethlisberger Embracing Nihilism as Career Comes to an End

Liam McKeone
Ben Roethilsberger
Ben Roethilsberger / Patrick Smith/GettyImages

Against all odds, the Pittsburgh Steelers made it into the playoff field as the last seed in the AFC. Ben Roethlisberger will retire after this season and said all his goodbyes already, so things are a little awkward. But his next game will almost certainly be his last, as the Steelers will head to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs.

The Steelers are nearly two-touchdown underdogs and there is nobody on earth except Keyshawn Johnson who thinks they have even a sliver of a shot at knocking off Kansas City. Pittsburgh lost by 25 to the Chiefs merely two weeks ago, after all. It is going to require a miracle of the most epic proportions for the Steelers to cover the 12.5-point line, much less win the thing.

Everybody, including the Steelers, knows this but usually players don't talk about it like that. Any given Sunday and all that jazz. Roethlisberger, though, sees the light at the end of the tunnel for his career and has embraced the inevitability of nothingness.

Hey, with the end so near, may as well be honest!

Maybe this will actually work. Roethlisberger might even be overestimating the Steelers' odds by saying they have don't have a chance. They will struggle to not get blown out. But if their QB and leader is telling everyone to just relax and have fun, who knows what'll happen?

Roethilsberger's ride off into the sunset was a bit more eventful than anyone planned, but it sounds like he is ready for the end.