Ben DiNucci Is the Patrick Mahomes of the XFL

Stephen Douglas
Seattle Sea Dragons v DC Defenders
Seattle Sea Dragons v DC Defenders / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

The XFL is back. Again. In Week 1 the Seattle Sea Dragons took on the DC Defenders in what was technically Sunday night football. Those who tuned in to watch Defenders fans throw lemons after security took away their beer snake, also go to see the home team win. And on top of that they got to see Ben DiNucci hit Josh Gordon on a throw that had people getting serious Patrick Mahomes vibes.

Yup, that's Mahomes-ish. DiNucci finished the game completing 35-of-54 passes for 282 yards, two interceptions and that touchdown.

You may remember Ben DiNucci from such failed Dallas Cowboys seasons as 2020. He was one of four players to start at quarterback for the Cowboys that season as they went 6-10.

And yes, the guy who caught that flipped pass is *that* Josh Gordon. The Cleveland Browns legend turned New England Patriots reclamation project who has been suspended by the NFL five times for violation of the league's substance abuse policy. You may recall that Gordon also caught a touchdown pass from Mahomes. Hard to tell the difference.

The important thing is that the XFL has a place for everyone. Even people who want to stack cups and throw lemons.