Ben Affleck is Having the Time of His Life at the Grammys

Kyle Koster

Ben Affleck accompanied Jennifer Lopez to the Grammy Awards because he is a supportive partner who will absolutely be there on her important work night. And we can all agree that it's great, there is no way to turn anything about this into a negative. That said, it is also tremendously funny how often the producers of this awards show keep cutting to reaction shots of him. Because in every one them, people can paint their own narrative that he's stuck in a very relatable situation. The one where you're just not feeling it.

To be crystal clear here: we're talking about an impossible situation. Allow the dread in you to swell as you imagine a marathon to-do where your every reaction may be publicized and highly scrutinized. Affleck's probably having an awesome time. Or a completely average time. There's really no way to know but that would kill all the jokes.

The man has turned in so many memorable performances through his career, but this is one of the most unique and may go down as our favorite. Every move has been spot-on and the vibes are immaculate. There are currently no awards for best award show attendees. Let this be a jumping-off point to rectify that.