Female Beer Store Employee Thwarts Attempted Shoplifter With Solid Fundamentals

Brian Giuffra

Shoplifters are always looking for an edge. Any opportunity, any opening and they're running through it.

Well, turns out the escape door in this store closes in an instant thanks to a fundamentally-sound employee.

An attempted shoplifter at a beer / convenience / package store (depending on your regional preference) thought he spotted his moment of triumph while a female store employee was busy moving a cart away from the entry door. But the female employee, head on a swivel, noticed his plan and immediately took two quick slide-steps to her right. She stayed low in her stance then exploded upward with the wrath of a thousand women at the time of impact. The man, stunned at this turn of events, escapes, but without his prize or pride intact.

Really fundamental offensive line technique here. The aforementioned sidestep sets it all up. Then she stays low, keeps the leverage, and waits for the perfect moment to throw her weight into the opponent.

If it wasn't for the gate the shoplifter slams into, he would have been on his ass, possibly unconscious. Or, for someone of the employee's ability, just another pancake block in a career full of them.