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Chicago Bears Seeking to Set Records For Collaboration This Offseason

Kyle Koster
Chris Graythen/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears have a Mitchell Trubisky-shaped problem to address in the offseason and the four people tasked with solving it appear to all be on the same page. The answer for the quarterback position and, really, anything in life is collaboration. George McCaskey, Ryan Pace, Ted Phillips, and Matt Nagy had a Zoom conference with reporters yesterday and did admirable work sticking to the talking points. By the time it was all done, the COLLABORATION count had rolled well into double-digits.

WGN dug deep into the numbers and created this helpful sizzle reel highlighting the word.

Just a hunch here but I think everyone is committed to working together. Teamwork makes the dreamwork. Such a great strategy, if you stop to think about it. A wonder more franchises don't think of trying it.