Bears OC Aaron Kromer Admits to Being a Source for Ian Rapoport's Report Ripping Jay Cutler

By Jason Lisk

Last Sunday (remember, the Bears had played on Thursday last week), in the weekly “as the NFL coaches and front office dish dirt” segments, Ian Rapoport reported on the “buyer’s remorse” that the Bears were feeling.

His report also mentioned that there was serious frustration in the organization, that he was nearly benched against Tampa Bay, and that he often does not check out of bad plays in the running game.

As it turns out, offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer admitted that he was one of the sources for that story, and got up and apologized to the team, according to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune.

Kromer denied being part of the “buyer’s remorse” part of the report, but did acknowledge complaining about Cutler’s lack of getting out of bad plays in the running game. Cutler reportedly shook his head as Kromer issued his apology to the team.

Is Cutler above criticism? Absolutely not. But this is one of those keep-it-in-house things. Not only that, but Kromer basically affirmed the report, which also includes someone else providing those other nuggets about “buyer’s remorse” and the defensive coordinator. So who was it? Players will legitimately question the people above Kromer on that aspect of it.

Chicago has been a disaster this year compared to expectations, and Kromer may just be publicly asking for his way out, without coming out and resigning. It’s likely all of the staff could be gone with things like this going down.